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Big into clean lines?

You'll love Maison du Monde modern collection - the style that enjoys the present! From Scandi inspiration to pure and simple designs you’ll find everything you need to add style to your home

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The smaller, the cosier

Live in a small space? You can still be the ultimate host!

Don’t let the challenge of hosting in a small home get in the way of your dinner party dreams this summer! Check out our top tips on our story, and discover our first ever collection especially for small spaces.


The EXPERT recommends


popular Pati’s style from £5.50

These quirky accessories will work well with any existing designs and patterns from your home.

modern tableware from £0.85

Use it to illuminate your room, set a mood or create an ambience or maybe you want to consider it as a reading light?

garden furniture fiesta from £32.50

Create your own outdoor living and dining room with stylish garden furniture. Dig out great outdoor ideas from Maison du Monde wide range of outdoor furniture.

Bring style and personality to your home

maisons du monde

From furniture to decor, Maisons du Monde creates inspiring collections for all budgets and styles.

Inspired by the latest trends, frequently renewed, and proposed in different styles, there's always something for everyone.