Helpful Online Hacks For Saving Money


How to Save Money Shopping

Below you’ll find a short guide aimed to help you save money when you shop online, so here’s the things you need to consider before any purchase:


Everyday retailers launch offers for those who sign up to newsletters, place a first order or join their exclusive member clubs, keep an eye open for those pop-ups and make sure you use those discounts towards your purchase.


Fill in your birthday when registering your account online to get lots of perks or in some cases a free gift on your birthday.


Some retailers might post discount codes on their own website or advertise them through third parties. This is a useful way to get a discount on the items you are looking to buy.


Major discounts and best deals usually happen during long sale seasons. There are a few dates when retailers will discount the majority of their lines and products. These dates might vary slightly from brand to brand but you will be sure to find Summer Sales between June and July each year, Black Friday Sales on the fourth Friday of each November, Boxing Day on the day after Christmas, and major discounts in the Winter Sale starting in December and continuing sometimes till mid-January of the following year. We recommend you do the majority of your shopping during these dates to save a notable amount of cash depending on how much you usually spend online.


Take advantage of Fee delivery and Free return policies. Sometimes there is nothing more annoying than paying for delivery so make sure you know when a retailers offers free delivery and/or free returns so you can place your order during their promo and save on delivery charges. If a retailers offer free delivery for an order of a certain amount you might be better waiting to get your shopping basket up to the value required to get free delivery.


Did you check if you are close to the store you want to order from? An alternative to save on delivery fees is Click&Collect in store, which has grown in popularity in recent years with some brands offering a dedicated desk for online order collections.


With some retailers it might be worth shopping from an incognito browser mode, after you have cleared your browsing history and cookies in particular. This will help you avoid the dynamic pricing trap strategy that shows different prices to different customers based on their shopping behaviour and location.


If you’re a fan of social media channels, liking your favourite retailers and third-party discount websites on Facebook, or following them on Twitter and Instagram will help you be the first to know about flash sales and special discount codes.


Last but not least, price drop refunds are another smart way of getting some money back from a purchase you have just made if the items is on sale the next day after your purchase. However, some retails will refund you the price difference if you contact them directly but some will chose not to.