Top Tips To Save Money If You’ve Got Kids

Father holding baby whilst searching online for top tips to save money if you’ve got kids

Becoming a parent is one of the biggest and best milestones in your life, but there is a lot that comes with having a child, including the cost of bringing your family up. On average it will cost a parent nearly £230,000 to raise one child from birth to the age of 21, so if you have two, three or more this can set you extremely far back. 

Due to this expense, many parents end up going back to work sooner than they initially thought they would, and, despite this, still find it can be difficult to pay for everything. Therefore, it’s good to know some important tips on saving money when you have children.

Plan Meals In Advance

One way you can save money is by simply planning. Avoid going to the supermarket without a list or a plan of what you’re going to be cooking that week, as otherwise unnecessary items get bought, not used and then thrown away. However, if you plan your meals week by week, you will only buy what you need, and you won’t overspend.

This planning will not just aid you financially, but it will also help your day to day routines.

Repair, Re-use, Recycle Items

The three R’s can come in so handy when you are trying to save money and will benefit you in the long run too.

Repair – Rather than throwing away broken toys or clothes that are damaged, you can try repairing them, so you don’t have to buy replacements.

Buy Re-usable items – This includes household equipment, for example, you could try switching to cloths instead of wet wipes, or cloth nappies to save on buying disposable ones.

Recycle – If you are unable to use an item, consider if it can be transformed into something else that will come in useful, for example, a t-shirt that is too small for you could be transformed into a dress for your youngster.

Save Online

When you are preparing for your first baby, it is good to start looking online to see what is out there. Brands including Baby Monitors Direct and My First Years offer a discount on many well-known products from toys to clothes to monitors and prams. You can get top quality stuff but save on it at the same time.

When it comes to saving on kid’s online shopping as they get older, you will find useful websites like Scholastic offer cheaper books, so there’s no excuse for your children not to read.

Something else to consider is buying second-hand items. Young children won’t even know the difference between the two so why spend a large amount of money on a toy?

Think About Your Purchases

One of the key things to saving money is not to spend it at all. You shouldn’t overbuy for your children, and always consider whether what you are buying is absolutely necessary.

You should think carefully about the things you are buying too, for example, if your child loves colouring, consider buying plain paper over a colouring book. A picture drawn by your child is probably going to be more sentimental to you than a colouring book full of ideas already.

Days Out

Just because you’re saving money doesn’t mean you can’t go on a day out with the kids! Using sites such as Kids Pass you can save on a whole host of different activities that are sure to give your kids some amazing memories. There are over 1000 different options for you, so you are restricted, and best of all it only costs £1 to join to get the benefits. 

DIY Toys And Crafts

Parents are always looking for ways to keep their children entertained and so often turn to toys, but buying toys will become expensive. Something that you could do is be a little more creative, and look at making your own fun with an old cardboard box - you could make them a castle that they will love to help make and play in.

Other ways you could make your own entertainment is by making a blanket fort or making sock monkeys from odd socks. These DIY toys and activities are often more treasured and memorable.